Burglary occurs at a Bhutanese apartment.

(April, 26) A group of burglars entered the apartment of a resettled Bhutanese located on the 3100 block of Coolidge Ave. in Oakland, California and took their valuables and some money yesterday at around 3:30 Pm. The thieves broke into Devi Charan Dahal’s apartment when the Dahal family had been out of the town for a day long excursion organized by their resettlement agency-International Rescue Committee(IRC), according to the victims. Continue reading

Bhutanese start new life in Sacramento.


By Stephen Magagnini
A crowded apartment in east Sacramento became a colorful dream factory recently when Bhanu Adhikari married his childhood sweetheart, Kamala Chauhan. The couple – who sealed their long-anticipated union in an elaborate Hindu ceremony – fell in love 12 years ago behind barbed wire in a Nepalese refugee camp.

Clad in red, gold and green wedding clothing, they celebrated not just the culmination of their love and bonding of their families, but their new life of religious and political freedom in the United States.

“Good climate, good soil, good people,” declared a bubbly Adhikari, one of the first 400 Bhutanese refugees who have been resettled in Sacramento this year. His bride’s family resettled in Phoenix in March. The Hindu wedding ceremony at Adhikari’s apartment welcomed Chauhan, 27, into his family and covered all her new responsibilities as a daughter-in-law. Continue reading