Catholic Family Center hosts picnic for the Rochester Bhutanese.

By Chandra Phuyel
(New York, Rochester)
A huge crowd of the resettled Bhutanese in New York State attended Picnic program here in Rochester city at Beach Park, near lake Ontario on Saturday, the 5th September.The program was organized by Catholic Family Center( CFC) ,a resettlement agency, with the support from Bhutanese community of Rochester. Nearly 300 people attended the picnic including the invitees from various organizations.The members of the organizing committee representing Bhutanese here were Ranga Khatiwoda , Khagendra Phuyel , Binod Rai , Padam Ghimirey, Menuka Baral and from CFC were Jennifer and Debbie. Sudha and sakun represented the local Nepali community. Continue reading