A Resettled Bhutanese family driven out of their house.

(Jan. 06) A resettled Bhutanese family in New Zealand have been forced to leave their apartment by their troublesome neighbors. Girdhari Kadariya who reached this Island country in the south west Pacific ocean some 18 months ago with his family from Pathri refugee camp(Sector F) in Nepal, has been living in his parent’s one bed room apartment in Christchurch city since December, having found  their neighbors’ acts  have crossed all limits. Continue reading

New Zealand govt. to terminate fund for English classes to the immigrants.

After the government announced its plan to cut the fund worth of two million dollars that helped refugees and migrants learn English and settle in New zealand, the resettled Bhutanese in Palmerston located in the North Island of New Zealand, have appealed the government not to discontinue it, according to Manawatu Standard, a national daily of New zealand. This decision of the government will adversely affect the newly resettled refugees who will have trouble in adapting to the new atmosphere of the New Zealand. Continue reading