BASCO introduces Emergency Assistance Card.

Considering the vulnerability and the weakening safety and security situation of the Bhutanese in the SF Bay Area, the Alameda,CA based Bhutanese non profit organization, BASCO in collaboration with the Oakland Police Department and the Office of the Council man,De La Funte, has introduced Bhutanese Emergency Assistance Card(BEAC) recently, according to the organization’s press release issued here on Wednesday. Continue reading

Notification to the SF Bay Area Bhutanese/Nepalis

The San Jose branch of the Catholic Charities is receiving five Bhutanese children, all girls and minors, the oldest being 17 years old. Unfortunately they have lost their parents and need to be fostered. So the Charities is looking for Bhutanese or Nepali Families for temporary housing and long term foster care of the kids.The foster parents receive a generous reimbursement for the cost of fostering them as well as support from case workers and training.
If any Bhutanese/Nepali family wishes to give parental care to these children, who are shortly arriving there from the refugee camp in Nepal through the Third Country Resettlement Program, please kindly contact:
Ganesh Subedi
(BOD,Association of Bhutanese in America)
(Or write to us at, we can relay the message to Mr. Subedi)

BASCO-CHELI completes an intensive training

Oakland, CA.Bhutanese Community Support Organization in America (BASCO), a California based Bhutanese non-profit organization, has  made a press release  today about the program its ancillary wing, BASCO-CHELI has attended and completed recently. This three-month intensive workshop laid focus on woman’s  health and nutrition; their responsibilities towards the promotion and preservation of culture and tradition,  role as mothers, teachers,  and above all as an integral part of the society. Continue reading

Seniors’ health Forum held at Oakland

Senior Bhutanese citizens at the program.Jain Thapa
Oakland, CA(Oct. 26) — About 40 seniors from the Bhutanese community hustled together at the waiting room of the Oakland Unified School District office in Oakland on Sunday, where they were educated on various health related issues as part of the seniors program, sponsored by Bhutanese American Community Center (BACC) in partnership with the Oakland School District.
The seniors program, now continuing on its sixth month since its inception, is a program founded by BACC, as a way to better connect the elderly population of the Bhutanese community. Continue reading

BASCO’s Deusi/Bhaili Saanjh-lesser turn out, yet, successful.

Prakash Chhetri
Slowly, one after another, vehicles of the resettled Bhutanese started plying in front of the United Methodist Church located at Buena Vista Avenue here in Alameda. A bunch of crowd was in the auditorium of the church-gossiping with their fellow mates, while a few others were just hanging out outside the church premises enjoying the cool evening breeze of the island. Continue reading

पहिलो भूटानी डीजे नाईट सफलता पूर्वक सम्पन्न

क्यालिफोर्नियाका भूटानीहरुको संघठन भूटानी अमेरिकी समुदाय केन्द्र(बी.ए.सी.सी.) द्वारा आयोजित पहिलो फण्ड रेजिंग डी.जे नाईट अत्यन्तै सफलतापूर्वक सम्पन्न भएको आयोजक माफर्त बुझिएको छ। बे एरिया स्थित बर्कली सहरको डाउन टाऊनमा रहेको भिसरॉय होटलको सम्मलेन कक्षामा गत शनिबार राती करीब ६ बजे बाट सुरु भएको कार्यक्रममा भूटानी, नेपाली,केही बिदेशी गरि कुल २५० जति दर्शक रहेका थिए। कार्यक्रममा केही बिशिस्ट ब्याक्तित्वहरुको पनि उपस्थिति रहेको जानकारी एक सहभागी भूटानी कलाकारले बताए। Continue reading

General Scenario of the resettled Bhutanese in California.

Tek Mishra
The Golden State of California was once a good place for immigrants and aliens,particularly for those who enter US to take refuge due to the fear of being persecuted in his/her native land. Earlier records reveal that this state has alone resettled about and 14.0%,12.5% and 13.9% of the total refugees admitted to the United States in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. If we look back, we see that even our Bhutanese Refugee intellectuals who came to USA have sought asylum in California, the act of which speaks for itself that this far western state of the US was relatively a better place for the refugees and asylees.The Bhutanese who settled here some years ago say that it was easier to get asylum in California. Plus, the job and security situation were favorable for the newcomers in California. Continue reading

Capturing a few memorable moments in my Kodak

The Summer School program organized to help the elderly refugees to learn something ended last week. This program was run for three weeks at Franklin Elementary School in Oakland, California. More than 75 Bhutanese and a few Iraqi and Burmese refugees participated the program. Here are a few photos of their Graduation program on June 17, 2009. Continue reading

Celebrating World Refugee Day

“World Refugee Day a celebration of hope”

OAKLAND — Taking a brief respite from trying times, hundreds of émigrés from across the world gathered in an Oakland park on Friday to celebrate World Refugee Day.
Iraqi refugee Sarmad Buni was among several who had arrived to the United States just days before the annual picnic at Oakland’s San Antonio Park.
“I hope I find a job, a good school for the children,” Buni said as he walked around the park. “We want to live in peace.”
Buni, his wife and their three young sons landed in the East Bay on Wednesday and are among at least 17,000 exiled Iraqis the U.S. State Department has pledged to resettle throughout the country this year. A former chauffeur for officials with the U.S. Agency for International Development, Buni decided to flee Baghdad in fall 2006 when life grew too dangerous.
The family was escorted around the park, past soccer games and an African music ensemble, by family member Wadih Badran, a San Ramon resident who has lived in the United States since 1996 and is now hosting the couple and their children at his home.
“We don’t even know where they’re going to live yet,” Badran said. “We’ll see what kind of job he can get. Maybe San Ramon, maybe Walnut Creek, maybe Oakland.”Friday marked the ninth time that local refugee aid groups have staged the festive Refugee Forum Picnic, and, as usual, participants danced, ate a diverse mix of foods, learned about educational opportunities and played soccer together. But the occasion was also full of stressful conversations about surviving in a new country during a recession. Many of the newcomers are unemployed.Read Full news in Oakland Tribune

An appeal of the BASCO to the Oakland Police Department.

The Chief of Police,

Oakland Police Department,
455 7th St
Oakland , CA 94607

With due respect we would like to draw your attention that within the last four months, eleven Bhutanese refugees are looted in seven separate incidences in Oakland/Fruitvale area. The victims are Bhutanese youths, men and women. They are stalked, beaten and looted, in some cases at gunpoint. Few of the cases are reported to the Oakland police, others go unnoticed. But the concerns in the Bhutanese community is growing as they have become prime targets. There are about three hundred Bhutanese people in the Bay Area and the US government is resettling more. The traumatized victims are living in constant fear. It has become more and more difficult for them to commute and walk freely. It is unfortunate that most of them were expelled from their country of Bhutan in 1990s due to ethnic cleansing. They spent almost two decades in refugee camps in Nepal . Now, they are being brought in America by the US government and resettled in different parts of the country but they are still not safe. Continue reading

A Bhutanese Refugee Suicided in Jhapa,Nepal.

Monday, May 18,2009.
Man Bir Magar, a resident of Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Beldangi-1(Sector B) jumped from the 250 ft. high Kankai Bridge into the river in Eastern Nepal under Jhapa district and ended his life on Sunday at around 9:30 Am. Continue reading

बे एरियाका भुटानिहरु माझ भइरहेको राजनीतिक प्रतिस्पर्दाबिच एक नयाँ क्लब “क्षितिज”को स्थापना

वास्तवमा नै भर्खरै भेला हुन सफल भुटानिहरु अनी जुटेको भुटानि समाज। बे एरियामा बस्ने केही भुटानि समाजद्वारा पहिला नै खोलिएको एक संस्था “बिएसिसि” ,ततपस्चात भुटानिहरुको आगमनलाई बिचार गर्दै खोलिएको अर्को संस्था “बासको”। पार्टी भन्दा पनि अतियुक्ती हुन्न होला किन कि म यहाँ भित्र भएको र भइरहेको स्थितीलाई राम्ररी अवलोकन गर्ने गर्छु ,कहिले काही राजनीतिको गन्धको आभास हुन्छ यहाँ भित्र । हुदो पनि रहेछ यस्तो नत्र हाम्रा बुढा पाकाहरु तेसै कहाँ उखान बनाउथिए होला र “हावा नचली पात हलिन्न” के यो सही होल र? जुट्नु पर्ने बेलामा फुटेर काम गर्न मन पराउने केही त्यस्ता तत्वहरु,लाग्छ यिनीहरु पक्कै सामाजिक छैनन। प्रतिस्पर्दा एक बेजोड,कुनै परिक्ष्यमा भएको होइन यो प्रतिस्पर्दा,भएको त पूर्ण रुपमा एक समाज भित्र राजनीतिक रुपमा। आखिर प्रतिस्पर्दा कै त छ यो संसार पनि,प्रीथ्बीको बनावट नै यस्तै, जस्तो कि उ आँफै पनि अरुसँग घाम वरीपरी घुम्ने प्रतिस्पर्दामा उत्रीएको छ तर अज्ञात छ त्यो आखिर जित्दै छ या हार्दै त्यो ?
प्रसँग नै बद्लिन्छ भुटानि समाजसरी, जो बद्लिएको छ ,फुटेको छ अनी राजनीतिमया भएको छ। के का लागि हो यो राजनीति ?के उदेस्य लिएर छिरेको छ यो राजनीति समाज भित्र ? आफ्नो स्वार्थ कि समाजको भलाईको लागि हो यो राजनीति ?अनुतरित छन यस्त कयौ प्रश्नहरु जो एक लङगडो सरी मनलाई बैसाखी बनाएर बसेको छ यो ह्रेदय भित्र उथुलपुथुल। कबी भए त कबिताका मध्यामबाट यी प्रश्नहरुको बिगुलकै फुटाइ दिन्थे तर बिबस म एक राष्ट्रहिन भुटानि कहाँ लगेर फोरी दिउ यो प्रश्नको भन्डार ? लाचार म आँफैलाई प्रश्न गर्न सिवाय केही गर्न सक्दिन,
हुन त भुटानि समाज बडो गजबको भइसक्यो हालमा । यो संस्थाको निती भनु या उदेस्य हो,यसले पुरै भुटानिहरुलाई फुटाउन सफल भएको छ ।केही घर भुटानिहरु एउटा संस्थालाई विश्वाश गर्छन् अनी केही अर्को । बिचमा कहाँबाट कस्तो कुरा हुन्छ त्यो अद्रिस्य छ तर त्यस्ले एक । यो भुटानि समाज भित्र एक अर्को भुटानिको खुट्टा तान्ने या त कुरा काट्ने प्रबिती उत्पन्न गराइएको छ । एक भुटानि समाज तर यहाँ त दुई भइसकेका छन । आखिर यसरी टुक्र्याउनमा कसको हात छ?नया भुटानिहरुको ?या त संस्थाद्वारा राजनीति अनी बिभाजन ल्याउने परीचितहरुको ?बिल्कुलै प्रश्नहरु घुमिरहन्छन मस्तिस्कमा ।
नयाँ उदेस्य होइन यो संस्थाहरुको ,यो त पुरानै त्यो उदेस्य हो जसलाई पुर्ती गर्न लागिपरेकाहरु शरणार्थी बनेका छन र १९ बर्ष देखी कस्टकर जीवन बिताउन वाध्य झापा अनी मोरङका सात सिबिरहरुमा छन त कती शरणार्थीको बिल्ला भिरेर नै अमेरिका लगायतका देशहरुमा पुनर्बास भइसकेका छन। आखिर के नै पाए र त्यो राजनीति र स्वार्थ पुर्तीको लडाईंमा। पुरस्कार मिल्यो सबै योधा अनी नेताहरुलाई”शरणार्थी”,यो त एकदम नै ठुलो पुरस्कार हो अनी उपलब्दी।शरणार्थी सिबिर भित्र संघर्ष बिच जीवन यापन गरेर १९ बर्ष सम्म त्यही पट्यार लाग्दो नेताहरुको भाषण अनी मास्क लगाइ संस्था खोलेर बस्नेहरुबाट दिक्क भुटानि शरणार्थीहरु। १९९९ सम्म त ताली बज्थियो गड्गडाहट ताली ति खोक्रा भाषणहरुका लागि पनि तर बिस्तारै सचेतना जागेर होला उठ्नै छोडे ती हातहरु। राष्ट्र फिर्तीका लागि गरिएका सबै आन्दोलनहरु बिफल,धर्ना अनी नाराबाजीहरु, कुनै पहलहरु निर्णायक भएनन अन्तत भुटानिहरु देशको सम्झना लिएर बस्न वाध्य भए अन्धकार भबिस्य लिएर।
लामो शरणार्थी समस्यालाई हल गर्न अमेरिका,अष्ट्रेलिया लगायतका देशहरुद्वारा गरिएको पुनर्बास प्रकृयाबाट आइपुगेका छन कोही अमेरिका , कोही डेन्मार्क अनी अष्ट्रेलिया। अन्धकार बिच पनि शरणार्थीहरु समाज भित्र रहेर बसेका थिए सिबिरमा । यसरी त्यो समाज बाडीएर फेरी कहाँ कहाँ पुग्न थाल्यो। सिबिर भित्रै पनि अपरचित कती अनुहारहरु यहाँ आएर चिन्न पाएकोमा गर्ब लाग्छ मलाई पनि Continue reading