BCU receives grant from DWS

The Bhutanese Community in Utah(BCU) received Community Capacity Building Grant for the fiscal year 2010.The Grant that amounts $12,000 will be utilized for the Capacity Building of the Community People in their new homeland, according to the statement released today a copy of which was  mailed to us by one of its central committee members.  The Board of Members of the Community had submitted the grant Proposal  to the Department of Workforce Services (Refugee Team) on 9th of September 2009. Continue reading

BCU’s formal meeting discussed Dasain program.

(Bhutanusa.com) Salt Lake City,UT, Aug.30. Bhutanese Community in Utah(BCU), a legally registered non-profit organization of the resettled Bhutanese in Utah state of USA, held a community meeting in the Liberty Park of Salt Lake City, Utah today. The 3 hour meeting was attended by around 80 individuals representing 75 Bhutanese families in the city. Addressing the community, Ghana Shyam Dulal, the president of the ‘Bhutanese Community in Utah’ put forward the agendas of the meeting. After a long discussion and gathering the individual opinion of the attendees,  the meeting,chaired by Mr. Dhanapati Bhattarai, ended with the following conclusions on the respective agendas: Continue reading

Bhutanese in Utah benefited from ‘PORTAL’

By Biren Dulal
PORTAL is a set of programs brought forth by the Utah branch of International Rescue Community(IRC). Programs Optimizing Refugee Transition and Adjustment to Live in Utah (PORTAL) activities are indeed the  great concept of this resettlement Agency. The PORTAL calendar designed by the master-minded Jonathan and Jessica, the  IRC coordinators,clearly defines and depicts the activities that are being  executed one after the other exclusively for the good of the  refugees resettled in this part of the United States. The activities are also targeted towards helping the newly resettled refugees  who are having trouble adapting to their new change in lives. Continue reading