A moment hard to describe(updated with pictures)

Rabin Adhikari
The morning of 10th August. I was among the attendees at Nandu’s Funeral Ceremony here.The moment was emotionally sentimental which I can’t describe here. No sooner had his body been placed down flat on the floor for final rituals than every body there burst into tears.

We felt shattered to say a final goodbye to our charming friend. Every events in the funeral ceremony of our typical guy made us cry in bitterness. Any one’s heart could melt seeing late Nandu’s aggrieved spouse cry in melancholy. All her colorful dreams dissolved in nothingness. Continue reading

Body of Nandi Kishor Cremated according to the Hindu rites

Around a hundred of Bhutanese and some Indian Americans gathered at a local funeral home in Chelsea, MA, to pay final tribute to the late Nandi Kishor Kharel today.  The funeral ceremony that started at around 9 o’ clock this morning ended after a couple hour at the noon, according to our friend, Rakesh Kafle there. The body was cremated according to the Hindu rite- a few lines of ‘Geeta'(Hindu religious book) was readout by a Hindu Priest at a part of the tradition before his father offered the last fire(Daagbatti)to his dead son’s pyre. Continue reading

नन्दीखरेलको शब परिवारलाइ हस्तान्तरण गरिँदैछ-दाहसंस्कारकालागी आर्थिक समस्या

अमेरिकाको मासाचुसेट्स राज्य अंतर्गत चेल्सीनामको सहरमा हिजो अगस्त ०६ तारिक बिहान हृदयघातका कारण देहावासन हुनु भएका पुनस्थापित भूटानी शरणार्थी नन्दीकिसोर खरेलको शब आज अपरान्ह स्थानीय हॉस्पिटलले पोस्टमार्ट पछि परिवारजनलाइ हस्तान्तरण गर्ने जानकारी त्यहाबाट मृतकका छिमेकी श्री राकेश काफ्लेले हामीलाइ दिनु भएको Continue reading

अर्का भूटानी युवकको निधन-ह्रदयघातबाट।

(bhutanusa.com),Aug.06, अमेरिकाको उत्तर पूर्बी राज्य मासाचुसेट्समा एक अर्का भूटानी शरणार्थीको आज बिहान निधन भएको छ। भूटानी शरणार्थी सिबिर पथरीबाट करीब ६ महिना अघि अमेरिका आएका २८ बर्षिया नन्दि किसोर खरेलको हृदय घातका कारण मृत्य भएको उनका मित्र तथा छिमेकी राकेस काफलेले हामीलाइ त्यहाबाट टेलीफोन मार्फतबताउनु भयो। Continue reading