I Supported them;You?

By T.P Mishra
January 21, 2010: Often Bhutanese refugee camps are victimized from fire–be it intentionally from some one or unintentionally. The 20th of January was a bad day for almost 600 Bhutanese refugees in eastern district of Nepal. The fire that started from candle light in Beldangi-I camp in Jhapa Nepal turned around 100 ramshackle huts into ashes thereby leaving some hundreds displaced. The news at a time when refugees have hard times to spend freezing cold really made every one of us (Bhutanese refugees resettled overseas in seven different counties including the majority in USA) to think for it; this is moral obligation and responsibility too. Continue reading

Relief package for fire victims roaring up

By Vidhyapati Mishra
Beldangi-I, Jan 21: Immediate relief package to fire victims is coming from various sectors from this morning. World Food Programme has supplied 300 kilogram of bitten rice and instant noodles to the displaced fire victims. Continue reading

Fire in Beldangi-I destroys 140 houses

20 Jan. A huge fire  broke out in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Beldangi-1 at around 9:40 local time, Wednesday.  Assumed to have started from Ghataney’s hut from a candle flame, the fire has gutted about 140 refugee huts  located at sector A/3. Continue reading