Resettled Bhutanese hangs himself to death

Late Jit Pradhan

UPDATE:(01/10/2010, 10 PM) Late Pradhan’s funeral is going to be held on Jan. 11, Monday at 11 AM. His body is still in Allegheny County Hospital. Catholic Charity of Pittsburgh has stated that it is going to cover all  the necessary expenses for the ceremony.

A recently resettled Bhutanese refugee in Pittsburgh, PA committed suicide at 4:30 am. yesterday. JIt Bahadur Pradhan, 60 was found dead hanging himself at his neighbor’s laundry, according to our PA correspondent, Mr. Bhanu Phuyel.

The resettlement of the Pradhan family is sponsored by the Catholic Charity of Pittsburgh. Their initial housing arrangement, as Mr phuyel says, was made with the family of Om Prakash Chhetri in which ten people had to share a three-bedroom apartment located at 903 Vermont Avenue, Pittsburgh. Continue reading