Cordial relations between Nepal and China

Dirgaraj prasai

Dirga Raj Prasai

The great leader of China, Mao Ze Dong, made his country recognized by the rest of the world fighting against imperial powers. Modifying (improving) the same policy, another leader Deng Xiaoping brought changes in Chinese communism. Even after the death of Deng Xiaoping, his Chinese policy was continued and China emerged as a global power. China, not only in the field of trade and business, was able to develop science, multilateral natural and cultural development. Adopting the path of open policy, China has stood against imperialism in the globe.China provided cooperation to Nepal in many sectors, such as construction of the Araniko Highway, Prithvi Highway, Ringroad, Kathmandu-Bhaktapur highway and others. Establishment of the Trolley Bus, Basbanry Tannery Industry, Harisiddhi Brick industry, Sunkoshi Hydropower Project, store houses in Kathamndu and Birgunj, Bhaktapur Brick Industry, Narayanghat-Gorkha road, Hetauda Textiles among others. Unlike India, China neither humiliated nor black-mailed Nepal. After 1990, sadly as the Nepali Congress formed the government, Girija Prasad Koirala, the then prime minister, disposed off China gifted such industries at the cheapest price. This all happened under the instruction of India. Besides, the then PM Koirala is responsible in spoiling other industries as well which contributed unemployment problem in Nepal. Because of such pro-Indian leaders in Nepal, the country is suffering. Still we are hopeful for the continued cooperation of China. The urgent need of the hour is to increase cooperation in trade and transport between China and Nepal. This can be facilitated by constructing a mountainous highway in Nepal from Taplejung to Darchula through Ramechhap and the upper regions of Pokhara and Kalikot. The widening network of Chinese railways can also be valuably utilized in this context as well. China should have liberal thought in order to enhance its trade and even to exhibit its existence in the region through its railways system. China should expand the railways to south Asian countries including Nepal and also to Europe. If so, China will teach a lesson to the so called imperialistic powers. And furthermore, it will give a strong message that China is friendly to the peace loving countries of the world. This great contribution of China will contribute in connecting South Asian countries, including Nepal, to Europe.

 The writer Mr. Prasai was welcoming to the great leader Deng Xiaoping

The writer Mr. Prasai was welcoming to the great leader Deng Xiaoping

In the name of the United Nations, America is fermenting a conspiracy to destroy China by advocating ‘Free Tibet’ and for which they are making Nepal a base area. In Nepal, with respect to the one China policy, the King had closed Dalai Lama’s office in Nepal. Continue reading