Bhutan shamefully beaten.

Dec.06.Bhutan got a shameful blow from  Sri-Lanka  in a group B match of the 6th SAFF Championship at  the Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka today. This Island nation of South Asia,despite  having being experienced hurdle in their team set, managed to march  ahead to knock the door of the sem-final beating  Bhutan 6-0. With this abashing defeat, Bhutan is literally knocked out of the tournament. Though they still have one more match on Dec. 08 with Pakistan,but it’s not going to bring any difference even if they win. Continue reading

Bhutan badly thrashed by Bangladesh.

Dec.04 Bhutan was badly defeated by the hosts Bangladesh 1-4 in the opening day match of the 6th SAFF Championship at the country’s premier sports venue Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, today. Continue reading

Bhutan playing the SAFF inaugural match today.

Dec.04. Bhutan is  playing  one of the two Inaugural matches of the 6th edition of the SAFF Championship against the host Bangladesh today at Bangabandhu National Staduim, Dhaka at 11:30AM(Bhutan Standard Time). It is, indeed a big challenge for this tiny Himalayan nation that stands at 196 in the FIFA ranking, to demolish erstwhile winner Bangladesh as they are keen to take the home ground advantage. Yet, the Bhutanese players are equally hopeful to beat the opponent, according to the sources. Continue reading